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TWC Self-Rating System

The TWC Self-Rating System is designed to help TWC Members for the following reasons:

  • So members can understand their playing level and what playing characteristics they need to improve in order to reach the next rating.

  • So members know which group coaching sessions are most suitable for their playing level.

  • So members know which Social Mix In sessions are appropriate for their level.

  • To help with seeding for Club Tournaments and events

  • To help with box league entries 

  • To create a database of members based on playing levels so that members can more easily identify other members of a similar standard and arrange games.


The TWC Self-Rating System has a description of playing characteristics and tactical/technical characteristics for each rating along with examples of the types of members we have at each rating level.

Having a database of members based on rating will make it really simple for new members, or existing members who would like to meet new people, to arrange games with other members of a similar standard. 

When arranging adult coaching sessions, in order for those attending to have the best and most productive session possible, it is vital that those in attendance are all of a similar standard. Having an effective rating system in place will help us deliver the most effective adult coaching sessions we can.


Please click on the button below to view the self-rating system. Based upon the described playing characteristics, please assign yourself an appropriate rating.

If you are unsure what your rating should be, or would like to discuss your rating, please contact a member of the tennis staff.

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